University of the Western Cape (UWC)


The University of the Western Cape (UWC) was founded in 1960 as a public university based in the northern suburbs of Cape Town. It currently has over 15,000 students and provides education to a diverse and dynamic demographic.

The UWC aims to:

  • advance and protect the independence of the academic enterprise
  • design curricular and research programmes appropriate to its southern African context
  • further global perspectives among its staff and students, thereby strengthening intellectual life and contributing to South Africa's reintegration in the world community
  • assist educationally disadvantaged students gain access to higher education and succeed in their studies
  • nurture and use the abilities of all in the university community
  • develop effective structures and conventions of governance, which are democratic, transparent and accountable
  • seek racial and gender equality and contribute to helping the historically marginalised participate fully in the life of the nation
  • encourage and provide opportunities for lifelong learning through programmes and courses
  • help conserve and explore the environmental and cultural resources of the southern African region, and to encourage a wide awareness of these resources in the community
  • co-operate fully with other stakeholders to develop an excellent, and therefore transformed, higher education system.
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Institutional Coordinator: Mr. Leolyn Jackson

Project Coordinator: Ms. Lorna Holtman

All queries are to be submitted to the project coordinator.