South African Young Academy of Science


SAYAS was borne out of the need for young scientists to contribute towards solutions to the important national and global challenges facing society. It will represent the voice of young scientists on national and international issues and give them a platform to influence policy decisions. It is envisaged that SAYAS will become one of the apex advisory structures to government on science and policy matters. SAYAS also aims to contribute towards the development of scientific capacity in South Africa through mentoring and role-modeling of future scientists, and by fostering opportunities for interdisciplinary collaborations between young scientists.



In particular, it will bridge the gap between the more senior and well-established Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf) and the younger scientists who represent future leaders in their fields, but are not part of ASSAf. SAYAS will further promote science awareness among learners, young scientists and society in general.

At a global level, SAYAS will link up with the Global Young Academy (GYA) to provide opportunities for South African young scientists to interact internationally with other young scientists. Both ASSAf and the South African Department of Science and Technology have blessed the formation of SAYAS, recognising the importance of establishing a forum for younger scientists.