The standard of education in Belgium today is one of the highest in Europe and it steadily continues to improve. In recent years there have been rapid developments and structural changes in higher education. Universities and university colleges are grouped in associations. As from 2004-2005 they operate within the so-called European Higher Education Area (EHEA) formed by the Bologna process which has initiated a uniform European framework of studies, offering Bachelor and Master degrees.

Academic year

The academic year contains an autumn and spring semesters. The majority of courses and study programmes start in the autumn.

The autumn semester starts in September and continues until February of the following year. The spring semester usually starts in February and finishes at the beginning of July.

Study Programmes

Master programmes
The Master’s degree is awarded after an advanced programme which requires a prior Bachelor’s degree. In certain cases, comparable achievements accomplished in a programme dealing with a different discipline can be recognised as a qualification for entry. The duration of study is usually two to four semesters.

PhD research

Doctoral studies are open to holders of a master degree (or a degree of minimum four years of study considered equivalent). There are essentially two possibilities to start. You can either apply for an open PhD position or you can have a professor to act as your PhD supervisor.