The Application Form

To apply for one of our scholarships you have to submit your application form through our online system. Here are some guidelines and tips to make the process easier for you.

First Steps

To gain access to the application form, you first need to create an account. To do so, follow these four steps:

  1. On the website (  click on Student Register.
  2.  Enter your email address and choose a password. Make sure you choose a password that you won’t forget.
  3. Log in with the email address and password entered in step 2.
  4. Start your application.


The Application Form



Choose your desired academic field from the drop-down menu and enter the exact name of the study programme you want to apply for. We recommend copy-pasting the name of the programme from the section Academic Fields (When clicking on a university, a list of all available programmes at that university appears).

Choose the host university by simply dragging it to the white box labelled “1”. 

If you would like to enter another university as 2nd choice, drag it to the box labelled “2”.


Personal information

Fill in your complete name, birth date and other relevant personal information. 

You may enter the email address that was used to create the account or a different one. It is recommended to enter one that you frequently check as the email address entered here is the one we will use to contact you.


Grant Selection

Select Target Group, Type of Mobility, Grant period and your home university. If you are TG2, select the University of the Free State as a validating university.


Academic Data

Under Last Degree Obtained, fill in the information of the degree that is required for the programme that you are applying for.  If you have not obtained that degree yet but will do so before the start of your desired mobility programme (most mobilities start in September/October) you may fill in the information of that degree. However also remember to upload a statement by your home university that your degree will be issued before the planned mobility in the Documents section.



If you speak more than one language, click the  green plus button to add more.



Here you need to upload all required documents. This should be done last, after all other parts of the application are complete, since documents cannot be saved in the system. Click Choose File to browse your computer for the right document. Files will be uploaded all at once when you click Submit Application.

Note that once you have submitted the application, you can no longer make any changes to it.

At any point of the application form you can save all information entered so far by clicking Save Application For Now at the bottom of the form. This allows you to return to the form later to edit it or to continue filling it out.

After submitting the application you will receive an email to the email address provided in the application form. This email is a confirmation that your application was submitted successfully and it also contains your unique application code. 

If you do not receive this email (also check your SPAM folder), try re-submitting the application. If not possible, contact the Project Coordination