Support South African Higher Education

The EU-SATURN programme is also about building sustainable relationships with South African universities and helping in the long-term development of South African education.


One of the main goals of the EU-SATURN programme is to foster partnership between South African and European universities. Not only are the needs of the participants considered as vital to the project, but also the empowerment and institutional building in South African higher education. This is in line with South African government policies and objectives for the development of a number of highly skilled and trained South Africans.

The EU-SATURN programme is helping many of the South African partners in their plans for internationalisation and co-operation. This is why the EU-SATURN programme aims to tackle social equity issues and provide equal opportunities to candidates and universities to candidates from all social and economic backgrounds. Gender balance will be monitored closely to make sure women get equal opportunities in the programme and that there is maximum participation for women. The selection process will be fair and open to candidates from socially disadvantaged groups and areas.