Advance Your Knowledge and Skills


An Erasmus Mundus scholarship isn't just about becoming proficient in your chosen subject, it's also about the further advancement of your skills and professional abilities. The EU-SATURN project aims to help students gain vital life skills that complement their studies and future careers!

Personal and Professional Gains with EU-SATURN

By applying for an EU SATURN scholarship, you would benefit from the Tuning methodology and help cultivate and advanced the skills necessary for success. Surveys competed by the European Union show that the majority of participants in Erasmus Mundus programmes benefitted in the following fields as a consequence of completing an Erasmus Mundus scholarship:

Professional expertise:

  • mastery of own field or discipline
  • interdisciplinary know-how
  • analytical thinking
  • ability to acquire new knowledge

Functional flexibility:

  • ability to negotiate effectively
  • ability to perform well under pressure
  • ability to coordinate activities
  • ability to use time efficiently

Mobilisation of human resources:

  • ability to work productively with others
  • ability to mobilize the capacities of others
  • ability to clearly express your opinion
  • ability to assert your authority

Innovative competences:

  • ability to come up with new ideas and solutions
  • willingness to question your own and others' ideas
  • ability to present products, ideas or reports to an audience
  • ability to write reports, memos or documents

International competences:

  • ability to write and speak in a foreign language


The Graduate Impact Survey points out that participants in the Erasmus Mundus programmes have are generally positive about gaining new skills and abilities as a direct consequence of taking part in the programme. These extras are one of the key ways that graduates of the EU-SATURN programme have a competitive edge in the job market or in their further academic studies.