Why Apply?

Financing and Grants

The EU-SATURN scholarship offers South Africans a fantastic opportunity to continue their education in Europe at an affordable price. By applying for the EU-SATURN scholarship, you may be lucky enough to get between €1000 and €1500 per month to help you live and study in the partner university of your choice!

What's included:

  • Monthly allowances of
    • € 1000 (Master);
    • € 1500 (PhD);
    • € 2500 (staff)
  • An economy class return ticket South Africa - Europe
  • Health Insurance
  • Tuition fees

In most cases, the scholarship is enough to cover all living costs. Please take into account that there are some differences between countries. Sweden and England are more expensive, while Poland is amongst the cheapest in terms of living costs.

The Benefits of a European Education

There are numerous ways you will benefit from the EU-SATURN scholarship. The European Union is responsible for producing one-third of the world's scientific knowledge and boasts world-class expertise in areas such as environmental science, medical research, transport, aerospace and telecommunications. To ensure that researchers reach their full potential, it is essential that they have access to the best possible training and career development opportunities at all stages of their professional life. Thus, mobility of researchers is fundamental to successful science and you will be given top quality academic support wherever you study.

European Universities are world-renowned for their academic expertise and working environments. By applying for Erasmus Mundus, you may get all the benefits that come from studying at institutions that have built reputations over hundreds of years or ones that have specialised in modern educational techniques and, by doing so, contribute to the transformation and development of you as an individual as well as South Africa.

The Tuning Methodology and Philosophy

One of the main parts of the EU-SATURN programme is right in the name! The Tuning part of the EU-SATURN (EUropean - South African programme in TUning for Regional Needs in higher education) is a comprehensive system of higher education that is aimed at improving educational quality in Europe and around the world.

Tuning as an approach was an outcome of the Bologna Process to reform higher education in Europe and its current methods are significant for anyone wishing to continue their education in Europe. The primary aim and function of Tuning is to restructure degree programmes with intent to effectively prepare students for their future role in society.

What does this mean for me?

According to the Tuning philosophy, not only subject-specific knowledge, understanding and skills are considerd as an integral part of educational programmes, but also generic competences and abilities should be trained and developed, too. Relevant competences in this respect include, for example:

  • abstract thinking ability
  • analysis and synthesis
  • practical application of knowledge
  • criticism and self-critique
  • rational decision making
  • teamwork
  • entrepreneurship
  • motivational and persuasive techniques
  • leadership

Advance Your Knowledge and Skills

An Erasmus Mundus scholarship isn't just about becoming proficient in your chosen subject, it's also about the further advancement of your skills and professional abilities. The EU-SATURN project aims to help students gain vital life skills that complement their studies and future careers!


Increase Your Career Prospects

Almost 62% of the Erasmus Mundus graduates who were working in 2011 found their job within two months of graduating and about 80% within four months. Of these, 19% found (or had) their job during their studies, and 26% found it in less than one month. Only for 10% of this population the job search took longer than six months. Compared to fellow graduates who studied/graduated at home, almost 57% of Erasmus Mundus students credit their scholarship with finding it easier to get a job faster. (Source)