01 Agriculture Sciences at Georg-August-University Goettingen

Goettingen has several options for post-graduate study in the field of agriculture for EU-SATURN scholarships.

Avaialble Programmes

The Master Programmes

Language of instruction: English

Available for 6 and 10 month mobilities

Start date of semester: 01.10.15

Please note: These study programmes require their own admission: You need to apply for this study program simultaneously and independently from the EU-SATURN application process, and get admission from this study program. On the application for the study programme, please indicate which EU-SATURN mobility you are applying for (6 or 10 months). Please check the website of this study program!

Click on the programme for more information

Crop Protection (M.Sc.) Contact: Dr. Susanne Weigand

International Agribusiness and Rural Development  (M.Sc.) Contact: Thelma Brenes 

Sustainable International Agriculture (M.Sc.) Contact: Grete Thinggaard ter Meulen 


The PhD Programmes

All PhD applicants should apply for the EU-SATURN scholarship with an invitation from a potential supervisor of the University of Göttingen.

Available for 6 and 10 month mobilities.

Language of instruction: English

Start date of Semester 01.10.15 (if agreed upon with supervisor, a different starting date is possible)

Agricultural Economics - JPPAE Contact: Dr. Sebastan Lakner

International Ph.D. Programme for Agricultural Sciences in Göttingen (IPAG) Contact: Grete Thinggaard ter Meulen

Transformation of Global Agrifood Systems Contact: Dr. Melanie Grosse

Staff Exchanges: To do an academic Staff Exchange at the University of Goettingen, please find a professor or research group that you would like to work with and contact them directly to obtain a letter of invitation (prior to applying for a EU-SATURN scholarship).