16 Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Human Rights at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The University of Groningen offers programmes in Renewable Energy, Climate Change and Human Rights at the Faculties of Arts, Law, and Mathematics & Natural Sciences. We offer master's degree programmes, possibilities for PhD students as well as staff exchange.

Type Programme Months
Master LLM International Law and the Law of International Organizations - specialisation Human Rights 6; 10
Master MA International Relations and International Organisation 6; 10
Master MSc Ecology and Evolution 6; 10
Master MSc Energy and Environmental Sciences 6; 10
Master MSc Evolutionary Biology 6; 10
Master MSc Marine Biology 6; 10
Master MSc Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 6; 10
PhD Faculty of Arts 6; 22; 34
PhD Faculty of Law 6; 22; 34
PhD Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 6; 22; 34
Staff Faculty of Arts 1
Staff Faculty of Law 1
Staff Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences 1

Useful links

  • Master's programmes: www.rug.nl/masters
  • Information on PhD studies: www.rug.nl/phd

Mobility in EU-SATURN

Complete Master's and PhD programmes in the Netherlands usually take 1 or 2 years (master/research master) or 4 years (PhD). The positions available on those levels in EU-SATURN may cover either part of or the entire degree programme.

If you apply to the University of Groningen for a period that does not cover the duration of the entire degree you will be considered an exchange student. On a PhD level, only 34 month PhD candidates will be considered full degree students. This means that in order to apply to a 6 or 22 month PhD position you will already need to be enrolled as a PhD student in another university; consequently you will be considered a PhD exchange student or "sandwich PhD" student. The opportunities for you to obtain a double PhD degree will be explored.

Please note the "Target Group" you belong to also determines the positions you are eligible to apply to. Target Group 1 students and staff may apply to 6 and 10 month master mobility, 6, 22 and 34 month PhD mobility, as well as 1 month staff mobility. Target group 2 students may apply to 6 month master and 22 month PhD mobility.