04 Business Studies, Management Science at Rijksuniversiteit Groningen

The University of Groningen offers programmes in the thematic field "Business Studies and Management Sciences" at its Faculty of Economics & Business. We offer master's degree programmes, possibilities for PhD students as well as staff exchange.

Category Programme Months
Master MSc Business Administration (4 specialisations) 6; 10
Master MSc Economics & Business (research master) 6; 10
Master MSc Finance 6; 10
Master MSc Human Resource Management 6; 10
Master MSc Industrial Engineering & Management 6; 10
Master MSc International Business & Management 6; 10
Master MSc Marketing 6; 10
Master MSc Technology & Operations Management 6; 10
Master MSc Supply Chain Management 6; 10
PhD Faculty of Economics & Business 6; 22; 34
Staff Faculty of Economics & Business 1

Useful links

  • Master's programmes: www.rug.nl/masters
  • Information on PhD studies: www.rug.nl/phd

Mobility in EU-SATURN

Complete Master's and PhD programmes in the Netherlands usually take 1 or 2 years (master/research master) or 4 years (PhD). The positions available on those levels in EU-SATURN may cover either part of or the entire degree programme.

If you apply to the University of Groningen for a period that does not cover the duration of the entire degree you will be considered an exchange student. On a PhD level, only 34 month PhD candidates will be considered full degree students. This means that in order to apply to a 6 or 22 month PhD position you will already need to be enrolled as a PhD student in another university; consequently you will be considered a PhD exchange student or "sandwich PhD" student. The opportunities for you to obtain a double PhD degree will be explored.

Please note the "Target Group" you belong to also determines the positions you are eligible to apply to. Target Group 1 students and staff may apply to 6 and 10 month master mobility, 6, 22 and 34 month PhD mobility, as well as 1 month staff mobility. Target group 2 students may apply to 6 month master and 22 month PhD mobility.